John Stamos Finally Explained Where That “Have Mercy” Catchphrase Came From

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Even if you weren’t a fan of “Full House” during its original seven-season run, you likely knew these phrases: “How rude!” and “You got it, dude!” and of course, “Have mercy!”

The final being John Stamos‘ catchphrase for rockin’ uncle and resident cool guy– Uncle Jesse Katsopolis.

While being at the TV Land Icon Awards, Stamos took the stage and explained where the catchphrase came from. Apparently, Garry Marshall is his godfather and the living legend told him he needed one, “he always said, ‘Get a catchphrase, you need a catchphrase.’ I’m not kidding you. The ‘have mercy’ thing came out of, ‘Oh sh–, Garry told me I had to have a catchphrase.”

Kind of makes Uncle Jess less cool, but whatever.