Johnson-Hanks Is The Presidential Ticket To Beat In 2020

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said there is a distinct possibility he would run for President. We thought he was joking. Then, he debuted what sounded like a campaign slogan on “The Tonight Show.” Saturday, during the Season 42 finale of “Saturday Night Live,” Johnson made it official: he is running for President of the United States.

The most likable man in Hollywood rounded out his ticket with Tom Hanks, the most beloved actor in the world. Could it actually work? Probably not, but Hanks speech, made me proud to be an American.

“We will sacrifice and we will suffer. But in the end we will win because we are Americans, and that is what American do.”

*Cue the flyover and swooping bald eagles while the ole Stars and Stripes waving over amber fields.*

Of course it is a joke, but it only seems to be half of one to Johnson. He has talked about campaigning seriously multiple times over the last few weeks. A recent poll showed that Johnson ran against Donald Trump today, he would win. He has developed campaign slogan (“More Poise, Less Noise”), and has given jargon-filled political speeches about “what this country needs” on both “The Tonight Show” and “SNL.”

Of course it’s a joke but maybe, just maybe, we should prepare for a legitimate Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson candidacy.