This “Tonight Show” Game Proved Jon Hamm’s Face Is Made Of Rubber

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Remember in school when you would stop by your best friend’s class on your way to the bathroom? You would look into that tiny window on the door until they noticed you then do everything in your power to make them laugh. That scenario is, in essence, the bedrock of “The Face It Challenge”, a game in which Jon Hamm made crazy faces and Jimmy Fallon laughed…a lot.

It wasn’t much of a game, because Jimmy Fallon’s default setting is “giggling teenager.”

“I’m literally playing a game where you can’t break?” asked Hamm, the astonished international man of 60’s advertising. They didn’t even keep score.

Jon Hamm is best known for his portrayal of Donald Draper, the dark, broken protagonist of “Mad Men.” As a result, people often conflate the two and miss that Hamm is a pretty skilled improvisor and comedian. If you have ever seen his comedy, you know what to expect of the game. If you haven’t, holy smokes mister, you’re gonna need a seatbelt.