Justin Timberlake Reluctantly Held This Baby At A Golf Tournament


A dad, who clearly does not respect golf course etiquette, was begging celebrities to hold his baby. Why he really wants a celebrity to hold his baby for him, I have no idea. After pestering several celebs, Justin Timberlake finally answered the call.

Also, a fair warning: there is cringe-inducing attempt at a handshake, but JT was having no part of it. The man clearly just wanted to relax and play golf. It’s bad enough when friends and family want you to hold their baby, but a complete stranger? Kudos to Justin for taking one for the team so everyone could enjoy the day.

Justin was a really good sport, and the “Lion King” song was really the only thing you could expect to do when someone holds you their baby. Let’s hope the dad gave it a rest so everyone could enjoy the rest of the day.