Justin Timberlake Makes a Bold Statement to Minorities During His iHeartRadio Acceptance Speech

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Justin Timberlake took home the Song of the Year for “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” at the 2017 IHeartRadio Music Awards. While his speech included the normal thank yous — including a special shout out to one of his radio reps — he took time to speak directly to any of his fans who may be feeling persecuted at this time.

“If you’re, Black, Brown, Gay, Lesbian or Trans … or a sissy singing boy from Tennessee,” addressed Justin, who was obviously referring to himself with the latter statement. “Anyone who is treating you unkindly is because they are afraid or they’ve been taught to be afraid of how important you are.”

And then he ended with what has become the quote of the night: “Being different means you make the difference, so f— ’em.”