Was Justin Timberlake’s Oscars Performance Too Much Or Just Enough?


Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” wasn’t just the song of the summer, it won a GRAMMY for Best Song Written for Visual Media, was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Timberlake opened up the 89th Annual Academy Awards with a rousing performance of the tune, with a verse and chorus from Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” as an extra slice of entertainment.

But, here’s what I can’t decide– was it too much?

Throughout the song Timberlake Hollywood’s elite to, “get up,” “let’s go,” “let me hear you,” “break it down.”

JT asked Denzel Washington to sing along and he danced in the aisle with wife Jessica Biel, before one last yell of “put your hands up!”

It was for sure, the most exciting performance of the night, but even Sting can’t compete with Timberlake, if he only has an acoustic guitar and a spotlight. It is a great song– catchy, positive and as Timberlake said on the red carpet, it’s one of the only songs he’s ever written that kids can listen to.

But, was it a little weird to ask Meryl Streep to stand up and clap? Ryan Gosling and Timberlake go way back, but even he seemed very uncomfortable.

I had no idea how much I liked the eliteness of the Oscars until JT stormed the theatre with his appropriately-dressed backup dancers.

Watching the performance without sound and analyzing the faces of the audiences paints a different picture than watching with sound. Plus, the camera only panned to people who could actually keep a beat. It seemed to me like a lot of confused people were at a Justin Timberlake show when they thought they were at the Oscars.