Watching Kellie Pickler Noodling Is Sure To Brighten Your Day


If she isn’t already, Kellie Pickler is about to become one of your favorite TV personalities. She is undeniably fun and frequently finds herself in funny situations on her reality show “I Love Kellie Pickler” on CMT. One of the best moments comes when Kellie gets talked into trying noodling for the first time. Kellie, meet catfish.

For the uninitiated, noodling is when you catch catfish with your hands by sticking your fingers into a catfish’s mouth until it bites you. sometimes, what you think is a catfish is actually a snapping turtle or a snake. Most noodlers are missing fingers or have been held underwater by big cats biting their arms. It’s a dangerous sport outlawed in many states. Sound like that’s right up Kellie’s alley!

Kellie became the bait, hook, and angler in a very controlled environment with multiple experienced guides in shallow water. But it was no less entertaining. The odd part was Kellie was more ok with the thing biting her than she was actually looking at it.

And, man, that was one big fish!