Kelly Clarkson Calls ‘Bullshit’ After Not Winning a GRAMMY, Says Someone Owes Her a Puppy


During the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, everyone who lost Comedy Album of the Year to Dave Chappelle was gifted a puppy as a consolation prize.

No one loved the puppies quite as much as Best Comedy Album loser Jerry Seinfeld and wife Jessica. They literally reacted as if they had never seen a puppy or like they even knew dogs started out small and then got bigger.

Anna Kendrick, who was on hand to present, also loved the puppies, but she didn’t get to hold one.

One GRAMMY nominee who didn’t love the puppy idea all that much was none other than Kelly Clarkson. Kelly, who was up for Best Pop Vocal Performance lost out to Ed Sheeran and well, she’s not happy about it. In a tweet to GRAMMY host James Corden and the Recording Academy, Kelly said, “I mean, what the hell @JKCorden and @RecordingAcad I didn’t get my puppy consolation prize?! I’m calling bullshit. Y’all owe me a puppy.”

Honestly, they owe her a puppy and a GRAMMY. Ed definitely shouldn’t have won that category.

But, seriously– this performance deserves something.