Kajesus! Kelly Clarkson Had A Close Encounter With A Bat and She Just Created a New Catchphrase

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Kelly Clarkson was having a nice evening with her family, driving through the backwoods of her land just enjoying the summer air. Sure, there were bats out, but that’s good. They eat all the bugs. But one bat (and there’s always that one bat) decided to take a run at Clarkson inspiring one of the funnier scares we have seen in a long time.

The video Kelly posted to her Instagram is pretty long, you have to #waitforit.

And so, #kajesus, the battle cry of a generation, was born. Many years from now, you grandchildren will ask, “Where were you when kajesus happened?” And you will tell them, with tears in your eyes, “On Instagram at work. Those were simpler times, dear child.” Yes, they were.

The picture of the bat looks like something out of a horror movie and had Kacey Musgraves a little concerned.

There has been no word on what it is tho.