Kelly Clarkson Nails Wynonna’s “No One Else on Earth”


Personally, I love that international superstar Kelly Clarkson takes time out of each tour stop to not just take a fan request, but sing someone’s else song during that valuable piece of stage time. I love even more that Kelly, along with her band, take time to learn a different song each week and put their own spin/arrangement on it. It truly showcases Kelly’s talent level and her band’s musical abilities.

Recently, Kelly performed my go-to karaoke song, Wynonna’s “No One Else On Earth.” Again, she put her own spin on it. This time, she went with a blues-y vibe and totally nailed it.

Wynonna originally released “No One Else on Earth” in 1992 and it hit No. 1 on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart.


Image Source: PR Photos, RCA