Kelly Clarkson Helps Two Longtime Fans Get Engaged During Her Concert

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During her 2nd annual Miracle on Broadway benefit show in Nashville, pop icon Kelly Clarkson helped two longtime fans get engaged — and it was the sweetest.

Right after performing for her fans who opted for the VIP Winter Wonderland experience, the 34-year-old singer invited a woman named Kiana onto the stage. After introducing her to the crowd, Kelly handed over the mic and let Kiana say her piece and explain why exactly she was on stage.

“I have travelled my whole life since I was like 10 years old,” she explained. “I’ve followed Kelly around for 13 years, all her tour stops and stuff, it was kind of my way of getting away and escaping, um, really just running away from my problems and stuff. And, I never had a place to call home until I met [you].”

Kiana then went on to ask for the love of her life’s hand in marriage, all while standing in front of friends, family and her pop icon.