Kelly Clarkson Shares an Intimate Behind the Scenes Look at “Piece By Piece”

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Kelly Clarkson recently released the emotionally raw song “Piece By Piece” which discusses the very prevalent issue of child abandonment.

In order to write the song, Kelly pulled from personal stories and pain. The lyrics of the song dig deep and unroot the hurt that comes from abandonment and the feeling of being betrayed by your parents.


On her website, Kelly shared the heart and emotion behind the song and its lyrics.

“I wrote “Piece By Piece” about the pain I, and so many children, feel who are abandoned by one of their parents. Thankfully, the song ends happily because I was fortunate enough to find a husband and create a family who help restore my faith in love and myself every day. I want to focus on the positive that comes from pain.” – Kelly Clarkson

The video perfectly portrays the emotion and heartbreak that this song is and Kelly’s intimate behind the scenes look gives a little peak inside the passion Kelly puts into her work.

Image Source: Instagram