Kentucky School Principal Brings Out His Inner Mariah Carey To Announce A Snow Day


Just when you thought snow days couldn’t get any better, a hero comes along. A hero with the strength to carry on who looked and side and saw the truth: that we all needed a better snow day announcement. Union Pointe Principal Chad Caddell knew that school bulletins are boring and that most parents don’t read them, so he spiced us a boring closure announcement to the tune of Carey’s 1993 hit “Hero.”

Every teacher knows that parents don’t check announcements even if you get them texted to you. Even if you hate snow days (ie trying to juggle errands, work, bad weather, and kids) you have to appreciate Caddell’s voice. He came up with this earlier than most of us would dare wake up.

Caddell came up with the idea while he was still a teacher when he and his then-principal sang “Snowhemian Rhapsody” for a snow closure.

“We live in a day where all the news is cynical and tragic and discouraging, and I think people are just hungry for something positive, and something to give them some joy,” he told People magazine. “School, when I grew up, was boring, sterile and predictable, and I wanted to create a culture where people expect the unexpected. We wanted to create a place where, as teachers, we’re being that adult we needed when we were kids.”