Rihanna Heckled Kevin Durant During the NBA Finals And Was Quickly Silenced (Kind Of, If You Don’t Count the Internet)


NBA court-side seats are within an arm’s reach of players. It’s literally the closest fans will ever get to the action so they take the opportunity to talk trash to super stars. Rihanna, one of the most famous women in the world, felt it was her duty as a Lebron fan to shout at Kevin Durant twice while he was shooting free throws. No, that sentence doesn’t make sense, but neither does shouting “brick” if you are over the age of eight. Durant responded with buckets and a cold stare. It was amazing, beginning to end.

You could hear Rihanna shout in the rafters of the arena.

Rihanna then began poking at Warriors fans, dabbing at one who asked her to sit down. I didn’t know that was how dabbing worked.

The whole situation is pretty hilarious, especially since the Cavs failed to back up Rihanna’s talking.

First, Kevin Durant made Lebron’s shoes say “SQUEET.”

Diagnosis: ankles broken while ice skating.

Then Steph showed Lebron his range.

Finally, when Durant nailed a 3-point dagger in the fourth, he turned to Riri and shook his head like a disappointed teacher.

Durant, of course, thought it wise to not engage with the internet in Brick-gate after the game saying “I don’t want to get into that trap.”


I can’t wait to see what she does during game 2.