Listening to The Rock and Kevin Hart Hurl Playground Insults at Each Other Will Make You Laugh Until You Pee

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Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are the stars of “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle,” which is out now, but it’s not all fun and games with these two. During a recent stopover at BBC Radio in London the two superstars played a little game of playground insults and boy, did they throw out some hilarious zingers.

Kevin: “DJ’s got the same nose as Janet Jackson.”

Dwayne: “Kevin looks like a buff Urkle.”

Kevin: “Dwayne Johnson has women thighs.”

Dwayne: “I loved all of his movies– ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Beverly Hills Cop.'”

Kevin: “Dwayne’s got a tattoo right above his ass that says, ‘come on!'”