KFC Is Actually Sending Their Chicken Sandwich To Space


It’s about time we all take a hard, sober look at ourselves. We are surrounded by potential, beset by opportunity, and what do we choose to do with all of our minds, wills, and money? To send a KFC chicken sandwich to space so that it can take a selfie and “look good.” We should all apologize to our grandfathers.

Fifty years ago, we sent a man to the moon because we wanted to. Twenty years ago, Michael Jordan won the NBA Finals after playing with the flu because he wanted to. Now, brands send their food to space because it will get social media mentions.

Just look at the kind of questions serious journalists are asking KFC.

The answer is priceless.

“The payload includes the chicken sandwich flying system that keeps the chicken looking good.” After a couple of hours that chicken will be looking anything but good.

I just realized this would make a great episode of modern “Mad Men.”



All is not lost, however. While launching their sandwich into the stratosphere is certainly a stunt for KFC, it is a critical test for World View’s Stratollite balloon, a low orbit vehicle made to “surf” in the atmospheric winds. World View plans to fly the sandwich in the stratosphere for four days, the longest flight recorded for a balloon of this kind. If successful, they hope to market the Stratollite as an inexpensive satellite launch method and weather research system that could provide advanced evacuation warnings.

I’m certainly not saying you should go buy this sandwich. They aren’t launching it into orbit because it tastes delicious, but they might just do some good for science along the way.