Photographer Gives Kids With Serious Health Issues The Superhero Makeover They Deserve


Nothing draws audiences to theaters like a superhero movie. They encourage us to dream big, serve others, and view talents and abilities as super powers. For kids, they are life changing. They latch on to heroes like Wonder Woman and Superman, knowing that they can overcome the odds just like their Justice League idols. Photographer Josh Rossi wanted to show kids that they are superheroes, kids who are fighting a battle every day against birth defects and disease. He helped those real superheroes see that they already were the heroes they wanted to be.

Rossi matched up the kids with heroes who matched their stories. Sofie Loftus was diagnosed with cancer at just 3-years-old. The treatments caused her to lose her hair, but she told Rossi that she dreamed of having hair like Wonder Woman when she got well.

Teagan Pettit, a 9-year-old who was born with half a heart, causing him to undergo a series of complicated heart transplants, became Superman, the true heart of the Justice League.

Then there’s Kayden Kinckle, a 5-year-old double amputee whose rare congenital defect almost led to his abortion. Kayden’s mother chose to keep him. Rossi paired him with Cyborg, a hero whose father’s saves his life with robotics after he is nearly killed in a terrible accident.

The photoshoots are amazing, seeing these kids come alive as Flash, Batman, Aquaman, and the rest of the Justice league.

But the true beauty comes when they see their pictures as the heroes for the first time.