Kids Who Don’t Live In The South Discover Southern Food And Can’t Get Enough


For parents, dinner time, which once was an enjoyable social experience, is a battle. A child’s tastes and disposition do not lead them to eat healthy or even eat at all. And don’t even bother with giving them something new! What are you, crazy? But if you live in the South, dinnertime is slightly easier. Southern food is a taste-first genre, not too bothered by health fads or nutritional value. Why? Because good food makes everything better.

But even the best food can lead to bargaining over spoonfuls.


Some kids just want a PB&J. Nothing wrong with that. But, while they may not be ready for gumbo or shrimp and grits, they love other southern staples, like chicken and waffles. Southerners and kids agree that life is too short to not enjoy your food.

Thankfully, you can’t go anywhere in the south that does not serve chicken fingers. If you took that away from us, we would secede faster than you could say “fried butter.”