This Guy Went to a Barnes & Noble and Destroyed all of Kim Kardashian’s Selfies Books

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If you thought your dad or brother or husband was the world’s biggest Kim Kardashian hater, meet Carl Puia.


Puia (74), of Glastonbury, Connecticut, recently visited his local Barnes & Noble store and destroyed several copies of Kardashian’s “Selfish” book. The book is 512 pages long and boasts, “Through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Kim connects with her legions of fans on a daily basis, sharing details of her life with her selfie photography. Widely regarded as a trailblazer of the selfie movement—a self-portrait for the digital age—Kim has mastered the art of taking flattering and highly personal photos of herself.

The police report called the incident a “massacre.”

GLASTONBURY MAN ARRESTED FOR DESTROYING KARDASHIAN SELFIES BOOKS. On 3/6/17 at 1530 hours, a 74 year old Glastonbury man was arrested by warrant for Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree, stemming from an incident that occurred on 10/13/16. The man had gone to Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Glastonbury and was caught on security camera spreading a red liquid all over some Kim Kardashian books. The books, titled “Selfish” contained large print photos of Kim Kardashian’s selfies. Six copies of the books were destroyed in the massacre and could not be revived. He also left a lengthy note (that he took the time to type out) explaining his dislike of Ms. Kardashian and people like her. After being booked he was released on a $2,500.00 non-surety bond.