Arie May Have Given Away Who His Top Two Picks Are While On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”


Ah, “The Bachelor”: a train-wreck that we all watch and love to hate and hate to love. Jimmy Kimmel feels the same way, as shown by his opening question to this season’s Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk:

“Who did you pick? Just tell us. Don’t make us go through this again.”

Arie responded with nonsense about how he can’t say anything, it’s so hard, it was an amazing experience blah blah blah. We’ve heard it all literally every season since the show began. The real interesting part was when Jimmy made his top four picks and let Arie react to them.

First of all, for a veteran Arie is a real rookie. He is a real estate agent so he has to be easy to contact, but he left his personal number on professional materials and still takes calls from clients that end up like this:

Doof. I bet excitement excites him.

Anyway, Aire is staying quiet as to the two women he fell in love with. Geez. This guy. When pressed as to who he chose, he put on his patented “poker face.”


That’s an awful poker face from someone who 30 seconds before claimed to have a good poker face. Fake news.


Yes, Kimmel thinks the villain will be in the top 4. Bold move, K-train. Looks like he’s not into it.

Bekah M

That’s a no. She’s cute and charming but he looks surprised by the choice.

Becca K

Wow, he checks that excitement real quick. Remember your contract Arie. REMEMBER THE CONTRACT!

It’s an interesting list, but Jimmy is frequently right so, who knows?