People Terrified Their Fathers On Father’s Day Because Jimmy Kimmel Told Them To

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As long as you live in your father’s house, you live by his rules. It’s his way or the highway. He can wear sock with sandals if he wants to. He may be quirky, but you love him. Jimmy Kimmel wanted American’s to share that love with their fathers with one caveat: scare him while you do it.

The problem with that is dads generally don’t like loud things. They’re tired, they work hard to put a roof over your head and food in your stomach. Have some respect. Keep it down. This video, while expressing deep love, instead reveals how much fathers hate, hate, HATE being scared.

WARNING: There is some expressive language and multiple fathers being scared on the toilet in this video. To the former, they are being scared or woken up with loud noises. The latter, I don’t know why anyone thought that was a good idea.

Lesson for teenagers: if you scare your father by the pool, he will jump in.