Kristen Bell Explained Butt Pads to the World and It Was Helpful, Empowering Information

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Last year was a big year for Kristen Bell, which led to many red carpet events for the actress.

And though it was quite some time ago, during a recent appearance on “Conan,” Kristen told Conan O’Brien all about butt pads and how empowering a butt pad can be.

“When you’re getting ready, particularly when you’re a girl… you want to feel like you fit into your dress and you’re your best self and they’ve invented these things calls butt pads… I like big juicy buns… and I was wearing a tighter dress and it’s like a padded bra, but for for your butt,” she explained.

Kristen went on to say, “If you suffer from, which I know you do, flapjack buns, you could easily wear one. They’re just like underwear! It’s how do you feel good? I like buns. So, put on some butt pads.”