Kristen Bell’s Insane Story About a Raccoon and 5 Stray Cats Could Be a Lifetime Movie


If you aren’t up-to-date on Kristen Bell’s animal drama, here’s a briefer: not too long ago, Kristen and husband Dax Shepard partially adopted six kittens. Originally, they were not going to keep the cats (that just showed up in their yard), but their daughters named them and that was the end of the story. After Kristen started feeding the cats, a raccoon also made its way into the family’s yard and has been terrorizing their porch and taking over all of the things Kristen and Dax bought for the cats.

And now, we’re here.

In about 14 different Instagram stories, Kristen shared the most dramatic story of a bunch of stray kittens you’ve ever heard.

First, Kristen shared that the raccoon has been waking her kids up every morning with its thrashing and trashing about, so she had to put tin foil on their windows and she knows it looks like a meth den. But, that’s nothing compared to the story of how she actually got the kittens adopted and out of her home.

Over the holidays, Kristen’s sister came to the house and told Kristen she would live trap the cats and keep them at her house. Shortly after, the sister figured out the kittens had fleas and while bathing one of the cats, it escaped and somehow got into the walls of the Bell-Shepard home. After a few hours of trying to figure out what to do, the sister took the other cats to the vet. Then, she went and waited on the other to come out of the wall. Eventually, the cat comes out and she then takes that cat to the vet. When she went to the vet, she realized not all of the cats were there. The vet had lost one. Much later that night, the vet’s alarm system goes off and they find the missing cat. Through all of this, the vet was sure that the sister had only brought in three cats.

After all of that, the sister also found out all of the cats had worms and they got them from the raccoon.

If this isn’t a made-for-tv movie soon, it should at least be a children’s cartoon.