Kristen Bell Surprises Her Sister With A Home Renovation

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There is an entire market built around dream homes. HGTV has created bonafide celebrities out of home contractors and interior decorators. The problem is that many of these shows disregard the individual they are designing for. Some shows built people homes they could not afford, did not like, or built for people who sought to use the celebrity name to sell their house. It would be very different if a family member, a loved one, or a best friend surprised you with something they know you both need and would like. That is what Houzz is doing. They recruited “Frozen” star Kristen Bell to design a new basement for her sister’s family and it turned out reasonable, practical and sweet.

Bell’s sister has four kids in a three bedroom house. They house has a huge basement, but the kids never want to use it. The result is that the house feels half as big. Bell sought to change that by sprucing up the basement into a hang out friendly place for both her nieces and nephews. The final product is pretty great.

Maybe the missing ingredient to these shows was love. Nah, too cheesy, that can’t be right.

You can watch the full 20 minute episode here: