Kristen Bell Shared Her Handwritten Keys to a Happy, Healthy Marriage With Fans and She’s Spot-On


Marriage is tough, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Sure, you could go to one of the hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon, any one of your friends, or watch any number of TV shows for advice. It might even be good advice. Or, you could check out the keys to marriage Kristen Bell shared on Valentine’s Day. It is basically the Spark Notes of every marriage book ever.

Bell shared six pieces of marital advice with her engaged friends and ended up writing what she called the A-Z of marital health. Her tips include taking “necessary separateness”, “building your emotional toolbox”, and remembering that “it’s a privilege to go through life with a partner”.

All told, it is some pretty exceptional advice.

  1. Be vulnerable
  2. Remember it is a privilege to have a partner in life
  3. Take necessary separateness
  4. Love your spouse despite their faults and failings
  5. Rejoice in what makes them happy
  6. Keep growing and building your emotional toolbox

Look at that handwriting! Dang, that’s pretty. The number of problems, marital or otherwise that would be solved if I could write clearly is shocking.