You Have to Watch This Video of Kristen Bell Yelling at a Raccoon in Her Backyard


If you don’t follow Kristen Bell on Instagram, you probably aren’t aware of the fact that she recently welcomed six new kittens into her yard. Her yard– definitely not her home. Basically, she looked out her window one day and she was like, “oh, do I have do something? These clearly aren’t anyone’s cats. Are these my cats?” She told “Entertainment Tonight” she wasn’t going to keep the cats, but a month later and well, those cats are her cats with names and everything.

So, now that the cats are a part of her life, other things are starting to really take over.

In an Instagram story Kristen and husband Dax Shepard revealed that not only have they taken in six cats, they also have a raccoon taking over their yard. The raccoon has destroyed the cats’ automatic kibble feeder, but Kristen is going to draw a hard line at the raccoon sleeping in the cat igloo for the cats that she’s definitely not keeping.