2 Fancy Cocktail Recipes from Kristen Wiig Perfect for This Weekend

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We’ve learned a lot about Kristen Wiig during her latest round of press for the upcoming film “Despicable Me 3.” For example, she stars in the movie with Steve Carell, but the two were never even in the same room together.

We also learned that Kristen is a really fancy mixologist and loves making cocktails. She shared two recipes with Jimmy Fallon that seem perfect for this weekend, but also seem highly technical.

1. Sea Cloud

It’s kind of an old drink.

  • Salt Water
  • Orange wedges or 3 half oranges
  • Little bit of rum
  • Little bit of milk
Serve it lukewarm.

2. Fuzzy Worm Hole

  • Tequila
  • Apple juice
  • Ice cubes with fuzz from a sweater

Served in an empty Campbell’s soup can.