Kristen Wiig Hilariously (and Beautifully) Performed “Hallelujah” to Bring Hope and Healing to the Nation

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Leonard Cohen originally released “Hallelujah” in 1984, but it wasn’t a sensation until Jeff Buckley got a hold of it in 1994. From there, Rufus Wainwright and k.d. lang recorded versions on the song’s way to being recorded and covered close to 300 times. Most recently, Tori Kelly covered it for the movie, “Sing” and performed it during the 68th Annual EMMY Awards.

Since it is the holiday season, many performers have pulled the song out to perform. Because James Corden and Kristen Wiig recognize that we are living in turbulent times, they wanted to perform the song to, “maybe, just maybe start to heal our nation.”

Unfortunately, they had some trouble along the way to hope and healing.

Cohen’s version of the song is 4 minutes and 37 seconds, while Buckley’s clocks in at 6:37. Wiig and Corden’s version clocked in at 8 minutes and 22 seconds because Wiig absolutely, positively cannot say the word, “hallelujah.”

Admittedly, it does seem like there aren’t enough letters in the word. Or maybe there are too many letters, but Wiig really took some liberties with this one.

First, she kept pronouncing the “j,” but ever so slightly. But, then she added a second “j.”

Then, she took out the “j.”

After a brief phonetics lesson, Wiig was ready to roll, but still couldn’t nail it. At all.

My personal favorite was, “The minor fall and the major lift / the baffled king composing HOLLABACK GIRL.”

Finally, Corden and Wiig brought out a gospel choir to help them out, but they sang, “hello Julia, hello Julia.”

All in all, I think the nation experienced some majoring healing with this performance.