Weirdest “Saturday Night Live” Skit Ever: Wisten Kriig/Kristen Wiig Shares All the Foods on Her Thanksgiving Table

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Wisten Kriig is the queen of Thanksgiving foods. And this year, she’s gone all out and shared every food on her table.

  1. Corn/Maize
  2. Homemade dinner rolls from Panera Bread
  3. Candied yam with photo of John Candy
  4. Birth control pills painted green
  5. TurSnakeDog (like TurDucKen)
  6. Pumpkin pie
  7. Pumpie pyrite
  8. Mashed potatoes with the face of Mr. Potato Head
  9. A ladle
  10. A pretty big ham
  11. Russell, the ham
  12. String beans or maybe Twizzlers
  13. A gravy boat
  14. A turtle
  15. Stuffing martini
This is the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen. But, still– funny.