Un-Aired Footage From “The Bachelor” Shows Krystal Nielson Calling Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Other Girls Some Really Bad Names

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Usually, when it comes time for the recap ‘Tell All” episode of the “The Bachelor,” nothing happens and most people fall asleep. But, not this time. Not when Arie Luyendyk Jr. and (Hurricane) Krystal Nielson are involved.

Krystal was put on the spot when ABC aired previously unseen footage from the show. The footage is of Krystal in the bathroom after a group date when she thought her microphone was turned off.

One of the things she said was, “Did I mention my life is amazing and awesome? And it’s all on hold for what? Some needle d—k? I’m sorry, I date men. Not little fancy-pants,” followed by the “c-word,” yes that one about the other ladies.

After the footage was shown, she told Chris Harrison, “I was in my hotel room having a private conversation with my roommate. I wasn’t aware that was captured. And I’m sorry, don’t we all vent to our girlfriends? We all say s–t. Hello, like, Come! We’re all not innocent. I was just micro-phoned and had cameras hiding outside on my balcony, OK? So sorry not sorry!”

When Arie came out to put her on the spot, he said, “I was just disappointed, that’s the only word I can really think of. Just because it’s unnecessary.” He also tweeted that this NDA would no longer hold him back from sharing his real feelings.

The other ladies had a lot to say about the footage as well. With Caroline going off on Krystal, “I was right [about you] the whole damn time. You are so mean. You called these women c—s. How dare you use that word about these people? Because I love and respect all of these women, and that is a disgusting word.”

And then, this, too: