Kyle Chandler Says the Hardest Part of “Manchester By the Sea” Was Saying the Word ‘Furniture’

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Kyle Chandler is the perfect man. He’s beloved by millions, including myself, for roles such as that of Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights and the dude who pretended to be George Strait in “Pure Country.”

He was also part of one of the biggest movies of 2016, “Manchester By the Sea” I walked into this movie saying to my friend, “If Kyle Chandler dies in this, I’m walking out.” She stopped, gave me a puzzled look and said, “You know that’s what the movie is about right?”

No, I did not it. So, if you haven’t seen “Manchester By the Sea,” the plot is that Kyle Chandler’s character dies and leaves the custody of his son to his brother played by Casey Affleck, who has a whole slew of his own issues.

While such an emotional role could have likely taken its toll on Kyle, the actor reveals it was the accent he had the most trouble with.

“You go into these things, I’m living in Texas, I grew up in Georgia, a Boston accent, no I’m not doing that project,” he told Seth Meyers. “But we had a great dialect coach. The one word I couldn’t get was ‘furniture.’ Every time I did ‘furniture’ the dialect coach would squirm.”