“La La Land” Choreographer Mandy Moore Shows How She Pulled Of That Iconic Freeway Scene


“La La Land” was iconic in many ways: it is a beautiful movie about the struggle of achieving dreams, the difficulty and magic of romance, and celebration of the golden age of Hollywood. But making an iconic movie is no easy task. Choreographer Mandy Moore (not that Mandy Moore) sat down with Vanity Fair to show how she pulled off the freeway song “Another Day of Sun”, which she calls “most difficult difficult thing I ever did in my entire career.”

The scene was rehearsed to the point where it could run on auto-pilot. Everyone knew their roles by heart so that the whole scene could flow in a long uncut shots. Even with all of the rehearsing, it is fascinating how many decisions had to be made on the fly. There was empty space to fill, steps to be changed and angles to be tweaked. It all comes down to the day of the shoot. You can prepare for months, but everything has to come together while the camera is rolling.

Seeing all of the thought and effort that went into a couple of minutes of a movie makes you realize how difficult it really is to make a great movie. It makes “La La Land” all the more impressive.