Someone Isolated Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Vocals, and I’m So Impressed

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In case you live under a rock and somehow missed it, pop icon Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl LI halftime show — and it was the best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Throughout the 13-minute performance, there were fireworks, drones, a medley of Gaga’s best hits, tons of glitter and, oh yeah, flying.

It was mesmerizing. Let’s watch it again.

Well now, some blessed soul has isolated Gaga’s vocals from the performance, and I’m blown away.

What’s so cool about this video is that you can tell how hard Gaga is going. Like, you can tell she’s breathing hard and working out, but her vocals still sound incredible — especially on “Million Reasons.”

Plus — don’t you dare forget — Gaga was singing WHILE DANCING, RUNNING AROUND THE STAGE AND JUMPING OFF THINGS! All hail the queen.