Larry The Cable Guy Thinks Jimmy Fallon’s Mustache Makes Him Look Like Jeff Foxworthy


Larry The Cable Guy is having a great year: Cars 3 made $53.5 million dollars in its opening weekend and he just announced Jeff & Larry’s Backyard BBQ, a comedy/concert tour with Jeff Foxworthy including bands like Eddie Money, Foghat, and the Marshall Tucker Band. When he stopped by “The Tonight Show”, one would think that he would spend all of his time plugging his projects. Instead, he rattled off around fifty jokes that left both Jimmy Fallon and the audience in stitches.

The funniest observation Larry made was that Jimmy’s mustache makes him look like Jeff Foxworthy. “It’s tripping me out!”

I don’t see it, man. Maybe. Definitely around the the mustache, but the face part of Jimmy’s face? Not so much.

Larry went on talking about his experience at Pixar and how wonderful John Lasseter, director of the “Cars” and “Toy Story” franchises, has been to him. It is interesting that Larry’s accent fades when he speaks sincerely. The classic “Larry” voice is more akin to his “Cars” character Tow-Mater but in this clip, you can see the real man shining through the character of Larry.

But as soon as Larry gets into joke-mode, woo-hoo, the cable guy comes back! If you have never been to a zoo or a water-park, Larry can help:

And then, for around six minutes, Larry breaks into stand up prompting Jimmy to say, “I want you to come here every night.”