ABC President Says Tim Allen’s Politics “Had Nothing To Do” With The Cancellation Of “Last Man Standing”

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ABC announced in May that they would not be renewing their family comedy “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen, a noted political conservative. Fans reacted by starting a petition on and loudly decrying what they saw as the network’s intolerance of conservative actors. During a Television Critics Association press tour appearance, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey broke the silence on the issue saying, “Tim Allen’s personal politics had nothing whatsoever to do with [the show’s cancellation].”

Dungey had recently said the cancellation was one of many tough calls she had to make after the network moved away from it’s Friday comedy lineup. “And ‘Last Man Standing’ was a show that, several years running, kind of came up to the very end in terms of the renewal, which was the same case this year.,” she said. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to create room for it on the schedule, which was a disappointment to me because the show was a high quality show that was very well done.”

Tim Allen was shocked by the announcement and took to Twitter with his frustrations.

ABC maintains that his politics did not play into the decision to cancel the show. “We have actors on our shows who have all sorts of different political views,” explained Dungey. “Tim Allen is a valuable part of the Disney/ABC family. He has been for a very, very long time.”

“But Tim Allen’s personal politics had nothing whatsoever to do with it.”