Let’s Talk About Pitbull’s Random Closing Number at the GRAMMY Awards


The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards were much, much better than last year’s collection of performances from AC/DC and Madonna. But, anytime you have Taylor Swift open a show instead of AC/DC, you’re starting off on better ground.

So, what was up with that closing performance from Pitbull? More has never been less.

To his credit, Pitbull did manage to get Travis Barker, Joe Perry, and Robin Thicke on the stage with him to sing (and play) his songs “El Taxi” and “Bad Man.”

Pitbull had no less than 250 backup dancers dressed like taxi drivers on stage with him, as he gyrating while wearing leather gloves. And then, Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family” came out in a taxi cab homemade Halloween costume and joined him in the gyrating. It was homemade, right?


At this point it was all so random it was hard to appreciate that Joe Perry was on the same stage as Travis Barker. Maybe the GRAMMYs asked them to perform but didn’t tell them it would be with Pitbull until it was too late?

After Pitbull introduced his legendary collaborators he called the performance “history in the making.”

Random, right?

Image Source: YouTube, CBS