Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Drunkenly Tell the Story of Alexander Hamilton on “Drunk History”

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Over the past year or so, songwriter, composer, performer and all-around badass Lin-Manuel Miranda has become a household name thanks to his ground breaking Broadway musical, “Hamilton.”

The musical, as you may have guessed, profiles the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The show has gained a lot of rapport because of its unique use of hip hop, rap and spoken word. Before “Hamilton”s debut in 2015, Broadway had never seen a hip hop-driven musical.

Basically, it’s pretty cool.

Anywho, since Lin was the brain behind the whole idea, it seems only fitting that Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” would enlist him to drunkenly tell the story of Alexander Hamilton.

Just like previous installments of the show, Lin was asked to tell the story while he casually sipped on his alcohol of choice. As you may have guessed, the telling slowly got more dramatic, more slurred and more far-fetched, making for a lot of laughs.

And, even with the alcohol, it seems as though Lin got all the facts accurate — but who’s surprised?

The full episode airs Tuesday, November 29 at 10:30pm ET/9:30 CT on Comedy Central.