Local News Takes Barrett Baber’s Version of “Right Here Waiting” from “The Voice” to Some Other Level


Barrett Baber, season nine #TeamBlake member on “The Voice” is an Arkansas boy through and through.

He’s so ingrained in the state a local news channel in Little Rock, Arkansas re-made his remake of Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” into a rainy day daydream music video.

The station’s anchors and reporters each got a shot singing lip syncing a few lines.

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene, but when the blonde meteorologist shakes out her hair after using the hairspray– that’s a definite front-runner.

Here’s hoping it was a slow news day in Little Rock.


Is it too late for Man Crush Monday?!?

Hey Barrett Baber, the KARK 4 Today team will be “Right Here Waiting” for you to win it all on The Voice!

Posted by KARK 4 News on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Image Source: KARK/Facebook