7 Things Mama June Said About Her Dramatic Weight Loss


At her heaviest, Mama June was 450 pounds, but thanks to hard work and multiple surgeries, she’s lost over 300 pounds.

Mama June and daughter Alana sat down with “Good Morning America” to discuss the dramatic changes and of course, they had a few things to say.

7 Things Mama June Said About Her Weight Loss:

  1. “It’s like they cut off her head and put on a new body.” — Honey Boo Boo
  2. “You have to work.”
  3. “I do eat.”
  4. “People now finally get to see what I always knew I looked like on the inside.”
  5. “I’ve never seen myself as a big person.”
  6. “My insurance paid for my gastric sleeve surgery.”
  7. “I was going to happen with cameras or not.”