Man Gets Locked Inside A Texas ATM, People Thought It Was A Practical Joke


Have you heard the urban myth about the guy who found “help me” written in a fortune cookie? The story goes that he called the cops and rescued someone forced against their will to write fortunes for a fortune cookie company. This is like that, but true and the guy was stuck in a Texas ATM.

A Texas contractor was repairing an ATM when the door closed behind him, locking him in the vault without his phone. He done went and broke rule #1 of bank vault repair. It sounds like a bad updated version of an Edgar Allen Poe story. We should have known the robots were out to destroy us. The bank tellers who lost their jobs to these machines in the 1980s warned us. But did we listen? Noooooo.

But the contractor was resourceful. He wrote notes on small pieces of paper that he slipped out until someone called the police and rescued him.

The problem was, the police thought it was a joke. The bank had gone out of business, so why would someone be inside?

But seriously, who gets a note and hears a man crying for help and think, “Is this a joke?”

“Hey! What is this!? This isn’t money; it’s just some dumb note. I want to speak to your manager!”

This is the kind of “comedy” people do on Instagram, but should have been concerning for average human who understand what a “situation” is.

For future reference, ask yourself, “Is this a handwritten note coming from an ATM unprompted? Is there a human man asking for help?” If the answer is yes, help him.