Mandy Moore Keeps Getting Credit for Choreographing “La La Land”


If you’ve kept up with any of the awards shows this season, you may have noticed that a woman by the name of Mandy Moore has been getting a lot of attention for choreographing “La La Land.”

Now I, like most of you probably, picture this woman (below) when I think of Mandy Moore.

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But, in reality, the woman who’s been receiving all the nominations and nods is this woman — Mandy Moore, the choreographer.

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Well, while on “The Tonight Show” recently, Mandy Moore (the actress) revealed that this mix-up has been happening for years.

“There’s in fact another Mandy Moore out there, and she’s a dynamite choreographer,” Mandy explained. “But she has been nominated for EMMYs before for like ‘Dancing with the Stars’… and I’ve gotten emails over the years… like, ‘Congrats on the EMMY nod!’ And I’m like, ‘Eh, not me… not me.'”

In her mind, the funniest thing about the misunderstanding is that she’s a self-proclaimed “horrible dancer.”

“I’m the worst dancer, which is the irony here,” Mandy said.