The Mannequin Challenge Is Bigger Than Any Football Win You Watched This Weekend

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Leave it to the Internet to find a way to take the spotlight off an incredibly heated presidential race. In classic form, teenagers around the nation have started a sweeping new trend of people freezing in place as Mannequins. We’ve probably all done this at some point or another, on bored shopping trips with our mothers, but these teens have taken it to the next level.

Instead of having one person freeze in place, the Mannequin Challenge involves an enormous amount of people– sometimes entire schools or football teams– freezing in elaborate, outrageous poses. If it’s really strange, it’s probably been done in a Mannequin Challenge.

Some athletic teams are even freezing in poses that make us hurt just thinking about, like the BYU Gymnastics team.

At some point, someone set the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd to the videos, which is a little bit beyond us, but we can see where the synth part at the beginning might evoke feelings of being frozen in time, which is kind of what it feels like when you watch one of these videos.

Apparently, this is the video that started the craze:

From there it spread to high schools, then to high school football games, and later to college sports and pro games. So, if you watched some football this weekend, you likely were very close to being involved in a Mannequin Challenge, either directly or indirectly.

Your move, Harlem Shake.