Maren Morris Shared The Most Incredible ’90s Throwback Pictures Of Herself and They’re Gold


Growing up as a girl in the ’90s was the best, and Maren Morris is here to to prove it.

Maren shared a series of pictures from her childhood on her Instagram story, and they are GOOD. I’m talking Sony Walkman, eye glitter and random curled pieces of hair good.

The Most ’90s Pic Ever

It’s complete with an excited young Maren holding up her first portable disc player on Christmas morning.

OG Photobombers

It features Maren and her dad standing behind a guy in a kilt playing the bagpipes– also, Maren’s platform converses would be SO in right now.

Zebra Pants and Johnnie High

In this one she tagged Kacey Musgraves asking if she remembered Johnnie High, a Texas performer who created “Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue.” Also, those pants are #goals.

Every ’90s Girl Ever

If you didn’t curl/crimp random pieces of your hair and wear Bon-Bons eye glitter, were you even living?