Listening to Mariah Carey Claim She Doesn’t Know Other Famous Women is Our New Favorite Pastime


In this day and age, anyone can become famous overnight. It’s hard to keep up. It’s even harder to keep up with people when you’re the OG diva, Mariah Carey.

During a recent interview on “Watch What Happens Live,” Mariah made claims that she didn’t know a lot of people. Or they she maybe knew a few people.

She does know Lady Gaga. Or they’ve met.

She does not know Ariana Grande. She does not think Ariana is an homage to her.

Mariah does think Taylor Swift is really sweet.

She has never met Madonna.

Katy Perry went to her show once.

Mariah might have met Miley Cyrus in a bathroom once.

Later, she went on to say she doesn’t know Demi Lovato either and if you want to meet her, you should come up and introduce yourself.

But, if you do meet her, you better curtsy or something because being the OG diva is a lot like being the queen.