Mariah Carey Took Meryl Streep’s Seat During the Golden Globes and Then Asked for Forgiveness

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Imagine being Mariah Carey at the Golden Globes, you aren’t out of place by any means, but it’s not totally your scene. Now, imagine being Mariah during a commercial break and frantically looking for the nearest seat to you before the cameras come back on. There’s one next to Steven Spielberg, who was at a table with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, or there’s any other seat in the room. If you’re Mariah Carey you know what you’re going to do and if you aren’t Mariah Carey you aren’t taking that seat next to Spielberg.

But, because Mariah Carey is Mariah Carey, she took the seat next to Spielberg, stayed there and then realized she took Meryl Streep’s seat, who wanted it back after the commercial break.

After the show, Mariah tweeted her apologies, but we can’t help but think– who takes the seat next to Spielberg anyway?!

Mariah was at the Golden Globes as a nominee for Best Original Song.