Maroon 5’s New Music Video Is a Hilarious, Satirical Take on Pokémon Go

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Maroon 5‘s music video for “Don’t Wanna Know” brings this year’s biggest mobile game to reality — but a reality that is way less fun than you’d imagine.

In the video, frontman Adam Levine, his bandmates and celebrities like Sarah Silverman, Ed Helms and Vince Vaughn all play Pokemon who are trying to live normal lives despite the fact that they are constantly being hunting by mobs of Pokemon Go players. The crew ultimately turns to drugs, alcohol and partying to escape the pain of constantly being hunted and, in the end, Adam is left pondering over what life would be like if he just stopped running.

While hilarious, the video draws undeniable parallels between obsessive people playing Pokémon Go and obsessive fans chasing celebrities. It really makes you think.