Matt Bomer Took Us Back To Youth Group With His Christian Raps

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If there’s one talent we just don’t see enough on late night TV it’s celebrities performing their favorite Christian rap songs. Lots of celebrities grew up in conservative homes during the ’90s and early 2000s when Christian music went all in on nice raps and compilations. Who among us did not own at least one DC Talk or WOW compilation CD? Celebrities are no different.

Matt Bomer, star of many things and potential cousin of Justin Timberlake, grew up on “Ultimate Rap Vol. 2”. It is currently out of stock on eBay. The first standout song to Bomer was the books of the Bible rap.


He then sang the hook to “Crack” by JC and The Boyz. Just look at them:

This album cover has everything: twins performing the rarely seen Church-steeple-five, the lowest of handshakes, an Italian threatening to hug you with his music, and lots of blank space.

It’s perfect.