Matt Lauer’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out


Following his firing from NBC News and “Today,” Matt Lauer’s ex-wife, Nancy Alspaugh, only has nice things to say about the man she was married to from 1981 to 1988.

Alspaugh defended Lauer’s character, by phone, to “Entertainment Tonight,” saying, “I was shocked because he’s been such a stalwart at that network and in that job. He’s been the best person that’s ever held that job and I couldn’t imagine that anything that he would have done — that would have been so out of character for him — that would have caused that reaction.”

Alspaugh called him “incredibly nice, incredibly charming and incredibly willing to help anybody. I never saw him as a power monger or somebody who would abuse his position in any way.”

“That’s why it’s so shocking, I think, for the people that really know him and really love him and they want to get the good stuff out. I want to get out the fact that he made a contribution to my nonprofit, that he helped me when my husband died. The selfless, giving part of him, which people tend to forget whenever this kind of a situation comes up. He would give you the shirt off his back if you really needed it. He did that for everybody. From the lowest person on set to, you know, the highest powers.”

Alspaugh also questioned the validity of the claims, “He’s just a very giving person and charming and I think a lot of this stuff is obviously going to come to light, whether it’s true or not, and some of the things that are being stated may not be true. We have to find that out, you know? As time goes on here, people should be aware there’s a family involved here. There are three children and that’s — I think it’s important to be aware that this can destroy a family. Reporting on accusations before they know whether they’re real or not.”

Alspaugh spoke to Lauer a week or so before he was fired, “I called him to let him know that a reporter had shown up at my door and was saying that some things were going to be coming out. And when I called him, he thanked me for the call, and I got the contact of the reporter and he said of course none of it was true.”

“Whatever they were going to come out with was fabricated,” she claimed Lauer added. “[The phone call] was just really about the fact that this reporter was on my step. I think he was blindsided by the whole thing, but, like I said, what I want to get out there is the side of him that I know and that so many others know about him, which is the charming, want to help you in any way kind of guy he was.”

Lauer’s current wife, Annette Roque, has yet to say anything despite Lauer’s statement on the allegations.