“Friends” Star Matt LeBlanc Quits Show Business


What does a star do after a hit? Many of them, especially if they are young) look for another hit. Matt LeBlanc was riding high after the the TV megahit “Friends” went off the air. He had a spinoff show about his character in the works called “Joey” and, like the rest of his co-stars, was expected to do big things. But like many of them, he struggled to find the success he saw early in his career. Last night, he announced his retirement.

LeBlanc never gave up on TV, working on various shows and starring as a version of himself in Showtime’s recently cancelled “Episodes.” He made some errors, like turning down the role of Phil Dunphy in “Modern Family”, and felt the rejection he avoided while on “Friends.”

I think I would like to retire earlier than later because I would like to do not a f***ing thing,” he told Conan O’Brien last night on “Conan.”

“You should just retire right now,” replied Conan.

Conan and LeBlanc joked that he should just come by “Conan” every night, or whenever he feels like it. He’s retired. Maybe he will work. Maybe not.