Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Named His Son “Miller Lyte”

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Man, if you didn’t know Matthew McConaughey had a brother, buckle up. Rooster McConaughey is a West Texas businessman who stars on a “bastardized version” of Shark Tank and is every bit the character that his name suggests. In the course of one five minute interviews, Rooster explained how his brother got so talented, explained why he named his son “Miller Lyte,” and watched in disbelief as his business partner and best friend, Butch Gilliam, gave out his cell number on live TV. And that was all before they started drinking.

Rooster and Butch have a new show on A&E called, well, “Rooster & Butch” that follows the West Texas Investors as they get to know entrepreneurs looking for investors. To them, the person is more important with the product, so they need to know who they are investing with. If it is anything like this interview, it would be a wild ride to get into business with these two.

“I filtered out all the bad genes. Man, look at me,” Rooster blurted out when asked about his Oscar-winning brother, Matthew. “If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t be so good looking. I got short legs – my mother’s legs– I even got her personals. It’s a bad deal.”


Shoot, ain’t a man in the world that wants their mama’s short legs. We need a Netflix special that just follow the McConaughey brothers around. That would be some quality TV.